Shevi`i `Aseret

What is
Shevi`i `Aseret?

The evening of the seventh day of Hagh HaMasot begins Shevi`i `Aseret.  Shevi`i `Aseret means "the assembly of the twenty-first day."

Shevi`i `Aseret is a day of rest and celebrates the ending of Hagh HaMassot.


What do you do for
Shevi`i `Aseret?

For Shevi`i `Aseret we rest, read Torah, and celebrate the ending of Hagh HaMassot by remembering its importance and all of our hard work in preparation for Hagh HaMassot.

Once Shevi`i `Aseret ends, Haghh HaMassot is over and we are able to eat and own leavened items again.



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