Pesah & Hagh HaMassot

What is Pesah About?

Pesah is the first day of Hagh HaMassot - a seven-day long festival commemorating the freedom of the Jewish people from bondage in Egypt. The term Pesah means "Passover", referring to the Angel of Death passing over the Jewish homes marked with lamb's blood and killing only the first born sons of the Egyptians, including the Pharoah's son. The death of the first born of Egypt was the turning point in his letting the Jewish people go free after a series of ten plagues brought upon Egypt by God.


What do you do for Pesah?

For Pesah/Hagh HaMassot we are required to remove all leavened (also meaning "'soured) items from our establishments. People prepare for Passover by thoroughly cleaning their homes and removing all leavened things. Leavened things include yeasted bread, vinegar, baking soda, wine, and so on. We are also required to eat unleavened bread ("matzah") for seven days to remind us of the Jewish people being slaves in Egypt. The day following the last day of Hagh HaMassot is Shevi`i `Aseret.


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