Hagh HaShavu`ot

What is Hagh HaShavu`ot about?

Hagh HaShavu`ot ("weeks" in Hebrew) is also called the Feast of Weeks and stands for the fiftieth day after the seven weeks during which the Jewish people prepared themselves for the giving of the Torah.  Hagh HaShavu`ot commemorates the giving of the Torah to the Jewish people on Mount Sinai; celebrates the time when the first fruits of the seven species were harvested and brought as offerings; and, is the wheat and barley harvest festival, where at the beginning of the harvest two loaves of bread were brought to the temple as a meal-offering.

What do you do for Hagh HaShavu`ot?

Each year, Hagh HaShavu`ot is the special time for us to re-awaken and strengthen our special relationship with God. We can do so by re-dedicating ourselves to the observance and study of the Torah -- our most precious heritage.

Because the story of Rut took place during the harvest season, at the beginning of the barley harvest to the end of the wheat harvest, the Book of Rut is read.


Hagh HaShavu`ot

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