Counting the `Omer

What is Counting the `Omer?

The Counting of the `Omer (Yom Hanaphat Ha`Omer) begins on the evening of the Shabbat occurring during Hagh HaMasot, and the first day of counting is always the Sunday after.  For the Counting of the `Omer we count fifty days from the holiday celebrating leaving slavery in Egypt to the holiday celebrating receiving the Torah.  Since this counting begins on  the same day the `Omer (barley offering) was brought to the Temple, the counting is called "Counting the `Omer" - counting down to the harvesting of the barley.


How do you Count the `Omer?

We count, "Today is the 1st of the `Omer." "Today is two days in the `Omer." and so on. We continue counting until we reach the forty-ninth day, the end of seven weeks. The day after the forty-ninth day in the `Omer, the fiftieth day, is the holiday of Hagh HaShavu`ot.  During the time of the Temple, on the fiftieth day Hagh HaShavu`ot was celebrated by offering two loaves of bread produced from the first wheat. Although these grain offerings can no longer be brought to the temple, we continue the practice of "Counting the `Omer."




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